Oakington Nature

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This page is dedicated to the Brent Nature Network project and all nature activities that our pupils participate in.

This half term Year 4 started their first Brent Nature activity in school. The BNN theme for this academic year is Art in Nature, so children will be looking at their local environment and looking out for patterns, in leaves, animals, minibeasts etc. and using some of the natural resources they find to create some nature art.

We have started this phase of the project with photography and the children have been using iPod Touches in pairs to take photos of leaves, trees, flowers and things made out of natural materials. They will use the photo manipulation program, GIMP to edit and refine their pictures by adding or changing colours and adding various filters to create a variety of effects.

For two weeks now our BNN project has been in full swing with year 4. This is now the thrid academic year since we started the project. On Monday of this week, half of 4JE made their first trip to Queen’s Park CLC and they werre delighted with the topic of ‘Art in Nature’. The prospect of using iPod Touches was so exciting that all the children arrived on time for the minibus to take them to the CLC. The first group who started the project last week worked with Mrs Federico in school using the iPods. Some of the photos they took were great as for some this was their first time using the Apples.

This week is the turn of half of 4MSS to visit the Queen’s Park City Learning Centre. The half of the class that stayed at school have been using GIMP to edit photos they have found on Google. They will be taking their own pictures next week. Some children have used the Mozaic filter in GIMP to give some dramatic effects to the pictures. See what you think of the slideshow.

4RA were the last class to visit before the CLC before Christmas. They produced some really interesting and exciting photographs, showing just what can be done with a little imagination, an ipod and GIMP.

All three Year 4 classes have now been to the CLC and have participated in the ‘Art in Nature’ project with some stunning photographic results. All of the children have enjoyed taking part and some have even downloaded GIMP and are using it at home.  We are working on producing a book of all the children’s photos before and after editing as a momento of their ‘Art in Nature’ experience.

This project has taken the Brent Nature Network into a whole new creative dimension. Children seem more aware of their surroundings and the world they live in. We hope to further develop this aspect of the network with Year 3 teachers who have shown a keen interest in developing the observational skills of their children.


3 responses to “Oakington Nature

  1. brentnaturenetwork

    November 13, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    Fantastic Art Work Class 4JE you are really talented. I hope you all enjoyed taking the photographs with the iPod Touches. I look forward to seeing all your finished Art in Nature Creations.

    • oakingtonmanor

      November 14, 2011 at 5:35 am

      Thank you! The children are loving the opportunity to take photographs using the iPods. They are also enjoying GIMP to create different effects with their pictures. DO keep coming back to see what more they have done.

    • ubax

      November 16, 2011 at 7:08 pm

      I am in 4je


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