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BB8 and Drones

Our robots have some new additions to their family, introducing BB8 and Parrot drones. We are using Tickle app to programme them. RedCandy isn’t too sure about BB8.

Ms Vanderpuye said goodbye to her Nao family and their new additions.


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Makey, Makeys are coming to Oakington

Makey Makey, what is a Makey Makey, I hear you ask? Well – simply FUN technology – Coming soon to Oakington!

Oakington is delighted to have been asked to participate in a really exciting project being run by  Gavin Summerfield from Heber Primary School and some of his partners in the project to engage children in technology in ways you would never have imagined a few years ago.

Makey Makeys are making children let their imagination run wild by using everyday items to create new and exciting technology tools to use in school, at home, everywhere!

Heber Primary School – Read about the project ‘Awesome Box’ Project


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Visitors from Bihar, India

Today Oakington had the pleasure of hosting a delegation of dignitaries from the State of Bihar in Eastern India. They were here to look at inspirational leadership and outstanding teaching in England. They were also keen to look at how we improve our schools and how we support our teachers. Bihar is a very large state and although they have achieved a huge amount in getting most of the children in the State into school, they now need to focus on getting the  best people into teaching and the best teachers into school leadership.

They were greeted in the morning by our schools councillors who were keen to show off their school. This was followed by a meeting with Mrs Libson (OBE) to answer some of the questions about the running of Oakington, development of ICT, preparation for SATs in Year 6 and an informal chat with a number of subject and year group leaders.They were keen to know more about how Mrs Libson (OBE) as a head manages performance and underperformance and  also to understand teachers are held to account. They were also keen to know how subject and year group leaders are held to account and the role of the governing body.  The CfBT had already done a session with them on head teacher and teacher standards / OFSTED / models of peer review / self improving school systems.

They went on a tour of the school, visiting many classes including our fantastic multimedia studio where Ms Vanderpuye was conducting a robotics lesson with 3HA. The delegation were impressed initially by the media team who were ready to with their cameras and camcorders to record and photograph our guests in 2D and 3D.  They watched the introduction to the lesson conducted by one of the Nao robots, RedCurrant, teaching the class how to do yoga to relax them before starting their highly concentrated lesson. The ‘Coding Champions’ further demonstrated some of the robot pre-programmed actions before they themselves used the Choregraphe software to program, RedCandy, Bluey and RedCurrant. The visitors went to see another class before returning to watch a short video on plants and leaves in 3D.

They were so impressed by the work of both Oakington Manor and Furness Primary School – they found Ms Libsons leadership inspiring and they observed the wonderful work the staff do for the children and the high expectations they have of them in both schools. It was a memorable visit for them. They told Mrs Libson (OBE), “You have contributed to giving the children of Bihar a better education”.


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Visitors from Denmark and Holland

What fantastic morning we had hosting our visitors from Denmark and Holland. When the visitors they were greeted with a range of hot drinks and pastries. Our school council members from KS1 and 2 were also on hand to meet and greet their guests before Mrs Libson (OBE) and Ms Vanderpuye gave their introduction and information about our school, SEN, EAL and ICT/Computing curriculum.

After the talk, the visitors were guided around our school visiting classes and observing children engaged in a variety of subjects where ICT and technology were being used to support. This included coding, Maths and Literacy. They got a chance to visit our woodlands and participate in Forest School activities with Mr Miles. Ms Vanderpuye, demonstrated our 3D and explained how we use the technology to support children’s learning. Our guests were truly fascinated to watch the 3D Space movie and to take part in Captain Jack’s Maths.

Our new team at Oak Manor Radio Network, conducted two amazing interviews to find out information about both Denmark and Holland. For the Year 3 members of the team, it was their first time conducting an interview as they only joined the OMRN team a week ago. They all enjoyed their stimulating experience.

After having their lunch, the Dutch group left to visit Wykeham Primary School, whilst the Danish group stayed to learn a little more about the new Computing curriculum.

They had a wonderful morning. We hope you enjoyed your visit to Wykeham and BETT!

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Hour of Code Week

The International Hour of Code 8th – 12th December 2014

WOW what a fantastic week we have had…coding everywhere. Oakington took part in this year’s big event, The International Hour of Code Week. There was a real BUZZ and the whole school were working their magic with their algorithms. Nursery taking BeeBot around an obstacle course, whilst Year 1 were having fun making Daisy the Dinosaur, jump, grow, shrink and roll. Year 2 got to know A.L.E.X before designing their own challenges for their friends to play.

KS2 were game makers creating a variety of games using Scratch. The highlight of this fantastic week was the brilliant Nao humanoid robot workshops where children were able to use the Choregraphe software to give Nao step by step instructions to carry out a number of actions. They were amazed to see the range of human like actions it could do, including dancing to Thriller, Gangnam style and Tai Chi.

KS1 listened to Nao telling them a Christmas story before one child took Nao called Harry for a walk in ‘Follow Me’. All the children were thrilled including Mr Libson, Mr Newton and Ms V who facilitated the workshops together with Joanne and Charly from Active8/Aldebaran creators of the humanoid robots.

To continue to support the work we are doing in school with coding, please do download any of the free coding apps for either your Apple IOS, Android or Windows systems and have a go at coding with your children.

Apple IOS: Lightbot Hour of Code 14, A.L.E.X, Scratch Jr, Daisy the Dinosaur, Tynker, Lego: Fix the Factory

Android: A.L.E.X, Lightbot Hour of Code 14, Lego: Fix the Factory

Windows: Turtle for Kids, Tynker, Scratch (


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