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Farewell Ms Vanderpuye

Today, we sadly said goodbye to Ms Vanderpuye after nearly 26 years at Oakington.

Ms V as she was affectionately called by all pupils and staff, decided to take early retirement and at a party held in her honour, she remembered the journey Oakington had made to reach its outstanding status in ICT and Computing.

In the days long before USB pendrives and terabytes of storage space, Ms Vanderpuye reminded her guests of what had gone before.

Her interest in computers started as a 15 year old, it blossomed as she got older. One of her first computers was one of the first solar powered calculators which she  still has at home –it has seen better days but still works when she tested it last week, after more than 30years. Some people may not have heard of some the first computers Ms V had owned such as Sinclair’s ZX80, ZX81, Dragon 64, BBC B, BBC Master with PC emulator MS Dos, Acorn computer with RISC OS, before moving onto a Windows 3.1 PC.  All of this was even before the Internet as we know it now.

Ms Vanderpuye thanked the Governors, the SLT and staff and pupils for allowing her the opportunity to pass on some of her passion. Ms V gave a personal thank you to  Mrs Libson for all her love and support she had given her for more than 30 years since they had known each other. She thanked her two network managers, Andrew and Gaddi, without whom ICT & Computing would not be as ‘Outstanding’ as it is.

Ms Vanderpuye said that the highlight of her evening was the fact that so many ex-teachers of Oakington came back to celebrate with her.  There was also a very beautiful performance from one of Ms V’s favourite robots, Bluey with messages from twins RedCandy and RedCurrant too.

Staff and pupils will miss very much Ms Vanderpuye’s enthusiasm and her love for all things ICT and computing. CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK, MS V!



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Naace ICT Impact Awards – And the winner is…

The Naace 3rd Millennium Conference was held on Thursday 8th -Saturday 10th March. The  awards ceremony was on Friday evening at the end of a day of Keynote presentations, breakout sessions, an exhibition which featured a small number of companies showing off  their new wares.  Interestingly there was an IWB from AVM which integrated the latest Epson short throw projector, at the touch of a button the board rose vertically and horizontally until it was a table, projecting at any angle. It was pretty cool. Old friends from 2Simple were also there to chat about their latest adventure.

I sat at the table with a camera in one hand and a video in the other, nervously waiting for the winners to be announced for each category. Thinking that the primary award would be one of the first announced. It wasn’t! My nerves rattled even more as I waited for my category.  Anyway, in true Hollywood Oscars style the winners were concealed in gold envelop ready to be opened by Bernadette Brooks, General Manager of Naace.

I congratulated Derek Robertson after being announced  the winner of the Post Adviser or consultant or support service Award. Derek is a  leading  adviser on Games based learning in Education Scotland., he sat on the same table.  We had chatted and cracked a few jokes before the photo session with former Secretary of State for Education, Charles Clarke.

The categories for this year were:

  • Award for EYFS
  • Award for Primary
  • Award for Secondary
  • Award for Supporting Inclusion in any phase
  • Award for Collaborative group project
  • Award for ICT Technician of the Year
  • Award for Adviser or Consultant or Support Service
  • Award for life long achievement

Six very worthy candidates for most categories, I had made up my mind that I would just enjoy the evening what ever happened. I was really happy to have got thus far.  The Primary award winner was about to be announced but first since the judges had had a difficult choice they had decided to award a Highly Commended to Casllwchwr Primary School in Swansea.

Over the next few minutes it seemed like I had stopped breathing waiting to hear who had won the PrimaryWinnerds Derek Robertson and Ms V category. OMG! I absolutely can’t believe that I won!  Still shaking with disbelief I passed  my camera over for someone else to continue filming whilst I went to collect my award , I didn’t know what to say. I whispered the Charles Clarke, I’ve never won anything before’ he replied, ‘You deserve it’.

Now is a good opportunity for me to thank everyone. Thank you to all staff at Oakington you have always been open to change and those who said their nice words on video to support this award. Even though I had to edit out some of the content, I still appreciated you doing them for me. Thanks also to Karin Hogh in Denmark and Evelyn Balogun in Nigeria for their encouraging videos.

Thank you Sylvie, my headteacher, for always trusting my ideas and giving me the freedom the explore and innovate!

Most of all Thank You to all the children especially the ICT club children who wrote their own scripts for the video presentation. You are what my efforts are all about! This award would not have been made possible without you. A final thank you to Jane and Mick from the Queen’s Park City Learning Centre for nominating me in the first place.

The Winners were:

The winner of the early years and foundation stage category: Michelle Hill, Deputy Head and ICT Co-ordinator, Leamore Primary School

The winner of the Primary Award: Ophelia Vanderpuye, Head of ICT, Oakington Manor Primary School, Brent

The winner of the Secondary Award: Ben McCarey, Head of English/Lead in Driving New Technologies, The Cooper School, Bicester

The winner of the Post Adviser or consultant or support service Award: Derek Robertson, National Adviser – Games based Learning/Consolarium, Education Scotland

The winner of the Supporting Inclusion in any phase Award: Woodlawn School

The winner of the Collaborative Group Project Award: TeachMeet

The winner of the ICT Technician of the Year Award: Timothy Morton, Network Manager, RSA Academy

The winner of the Lifelong Achievement Award: Lawrence Williams, Lecturer, Brunel University

Special awards were made by the judges to:

Lewis Philips, Pupil at Inverkeithing High School in Fife and Casllwchwr Primary School in Swansea.

Ms Vanderpuye


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BETT 2012

The Bett Exhibition opened at Olympia from 11 – 14th January. A number of teachers including the ICT team went to the exhibition over three days.

Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Jabble and Ms Vanderpuye went on Friday 13th. As usual the annual exhibition was packed with teachers, headteachers, coordinators and anyone and everyone interested in technology in education. There was just so much to see. We were quite excited about getting inspiration for various new projects we have in the pipeline. Our task was clear, each of our teachers had tasks to complete whilst there.

First on our agenda when we got there was to go to the Naace stand to be presented with our ICT Mark award which the school received last term.On the way to the stand we got a little distracted with this amazing F1 type car simulation. It was brilliant, just to look at it… but before you could say..”F1 rocks!”…Mrs Griffiths had jumped in the car and was ready  to put her driving skills to the test, driving at speeds that went over 1000mph. The nice lady at the stand told her how to keep the car on the road making sure she watched the screen and when to press the red and blue buttons on the steering wheel. Once Mrs Griffiths got the hang of driving the car it was really hard to get her out of it…we were there for ages. I was jealous because time was running out at the presentation time was fast approaching. We said we would go back for me to have a go.

The Naace stand was packed with other schools also being presented with their ICT Mark awards. It was great

to see Oakington Manor’s name on the big screen. We were really pleased to see the headteacher from College Green Nursery and  Mrs Federico from Queen’s Park CLC who had both come to give a cheer for our school achievement. When our turn came Mrs Griffiths took photos and short video clips of our presentation.

The added bonus for our school was that Naace had announced on Thursday the people who had been shortlisted for the Naace Impact Awards 2012. Wow, Ms V was on the shortlist This is an award for making an impact on pupils and other people using ICT.

Mrs Griffiths with our ICT Mark AwardAfter the presentation we split up to go and look at different things. We later met up with Mrs Jabble. There was just so much to see. There were also lots of companies who knew our schools and had visited our website. We also heard from Webanywhere that they had received  enquiries from other schools about having their website built  because they were impressed with ours.

We saw a demonstration of the Van der Graaf Generator using a doll and other ways of generating electricity. If you’ve never seen this before the Van der Graff generator creates static electricity that makes your hair stand on end. It was great fun!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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ICT Mark Award

Children at Oakington Manor  are at the forefront of using information and communications technology (ICT) to enhance their work, and that’s official!

Following an extensive external assessment Oakington has been awarded the prestigious ICT Mark for the second time.

The award recognises the school’s success in developing the strategic use of ICT in both administration and across the curriculum. Parents will have proof that their children are attending a school at the forefront of modern technology.

Stewart Smith, ICT Adviser said “ Brent School Improvement Service is determined
that all local children will have the best opportunity to excel in the jobs market of the future. Oakington Manor should be congratulated on this wonderful achievement. This demonstrates the excellent ICT management and teaching that is taking place in local schools.”

Head teacher Sylvia Libson commented “On behalf of Oakington Manor, I am delighted to be awarded the ICT Mark. It recognises our positive approach to ICT and the benefits it is bringing to our children. We believe that ICT can be used in every aspect of learning and that it is essential our children are equipped for the modern world.

We are very proud to include the mark on our website and our mailings and this has been noted on a number of occasions, which has further raised the profile of ICT at Oakington Manor School.  Our last OFSTED report, in 2010 positively acknowledged that ICT is an integral part of everything we do.”

The lead member of staff, Ophelia Vanderpuye (ICTAdvanced Skills Teacher), instrumental in ensuring the school was ready for ICT Mark assessment, commented:

“I am really pleased that the presentation of this award shows recognition of the excellent ICT work that is taking place at Oakington.  Applying for the award really brought into focus the ICT work that we are doing each and every day.  All the children and staff deserve credit for this achievement.”

Bernadette Brooks, Naace General Manager, said “Oakington thoroughly deserve the accolade of an ICT Mark accreditation. They clearly demonstrate how important it is to take a whole school approach to using ICT in schools.  We look forward to working with Oakington Manor to demonstrate how ICT can have a substantial impact on learner outcomes in the future”.

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Promoting Multimedia

Happy New Year!

Our first day back to school activity on 4th January was a whole day on ‘Promoting Multimedia’. This was a day to get staff engaged in a team work activity, making a 2minute trailer using a variety of multimedia resources- digital cameras, Flip camcorders & EasiSpeak microphones, and to explore the use of Windows Movie Maker as a medium to create/edit films and photo stories. To finish the day enjoying their team efforts with the screening of their trailers.

Not knowing what to expect, each group watched the films produced by children in a similar activity to give them inspiration. If the children could do it, so could they! Although  looking at some of the stunned faces we knew the day was going to be a good laugh!. As each group chose their brown envelop with their famous tag lines, film genre and planning tools the laughter had already begun.

After about thirty minutes of planning the first group had already decided on their production company name, assigned roles and were out on location filming their first shots for their trailer. The large hall was filled with laughter and ideas swam through the air, confirming that the group dynamics was working well. One by one each group moved to their chosen film locations to film their story lines.

The deadline was 3.00p.m for the finished, edited film to be screened in front of producers looking to invest £50,000. Each group had to make sure that their film met the criteria required by the producers. They were looking for story, creativeness, use of tag line, team work and … humour! The clock ticked and the groups worked hard in their individual roles, making props, recording sound, directing, acting and of course making tea. The half way bell went for lunch  and some groups continued filming scenes, and recording their own catchy voice overs or famous tag line.

After lunch the multimedia studio was filled with eager participants all wanting their £50,000 prize. Sharing ideas each team member gave their input on what the final trailer should look like. Roars of laughter danced around the room, bouncing off the walls. The ‘Radio Shack’ for those recording their voice overs also filled will loud roars of laughter.

The final countdown had begun. Soon the groups would have to show off their efforts on the 3m by 3.2m screen.  Silence filled the room as the first group volunteered their film- PPP Productions. After the first 40 seconds of the film, the room was once again filled with 40 voices in a roar of laughter- side splitting so! A silent movie effort with all the melodrama of times gone by. Absolutely fantastic! This was followed by Foxy Lady Productions. Each film had the same effect and we knew that the day had been a complete success.

Bearing mind that for some, this was the first time they had made a film of this kind. Everyone was pleased with their own efforts and how their group film had turned out. Well, the producers had difficulty in deciding on which single film was to be awarded the £50,000 sponsorship…so all eight groups were awarded the money as they were too good to pass by. Well done everyone for a fantastic effort. Team work ruled the day!

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