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Farewell Ms Vanderpuye

Today, we sadly said goodbye to Ms Vanderpuye after nearly 26 years at Oakington.

Ms V as she was affectionately called by all pupils and staff, decided to take early retirement and at a party held in her honour, she remembered the journey Oakington had made to reach its outstanding status in ICT and Computing.

In the days long before USB pendrives and terabytes of storage space, Ms Vanderpuye reminded her guests of what had gone before.

Her interest in computers started as a 15 year old, it blossomed as she got older. One of her first computers was one of the first solar powered calculators which she  still has at home –it has seen better days but still works when she tested it last week, after more than 30years. Some people may not have heard of some the first computers Ms V had owned such as Sinclair’s ZX80, ZX81, Dragon 64, BBC B, BBC Master with PC emulator MS Dos, Acorn computer with RISC OS, before moving onto a Windows 3.1 PC.  All of this was even before the Internet as we know it now.

Ms Vanderpuye thanked the Governors, the SLT and staff and pupils for allowing her the opportunity to pass on some of her passion. Ms V gave a personal thank you to  Mrs Libson for all her love and support she had given her for more than 30 years since they had known each other. She thanked her two network managers, Andrew and Gaddi, without whom ICT & Computing would not be as ‘Outstanding’ as it is.

Ms Vanderpuye said that the highlight of her evening was the fact that so many ex-teachers of Oakington came back to celebrate with her.  There was also a very beautiful performance from one of Ms V’s favourite robots, Bluey with messages from twins RedCandy and RedCurrant too.

Staff and pupils will miss very much Ms Vanderpuye’s enthusiasm and her love for all things ICT and computing. CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK, MS V!



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Black History Month

Black History Month celebrations started in earnest on Monday with 4RA carrying their own version of the Olympic torch along the main school entrance. Their torch was passed on to their chosen black athletic heros through the years. The torch was finally passed to ‘Usain Bolt’ who lit the Olympic bowl. The class also represented some of the countries they except to see at the Olympics with their painted flags. This was a fabulous event and parent’s bringing their children to watched and cheered the class on.

Baroness Floella Benjamin visited the school on Friday to talk about her achievements and to talk to Year 6 about her book ‘Coming to England’. Baroness Floella looked stunning and got the whole school to participate in an entertaining version of the  ‘Three Little Pigs’.  The story inspired children not to be happy with half measures of effort but to always remember the pig that built their house with bricks- Hard work always pays off! She then talked to Year 6 about the challenges she described in her book and then gave the children an opportunity to ask their prepared questions. Her final activity was to give an awesome interview to some of the OMRN crew. She ended the interview at the request of the children with her favourite song ‘Smile’, which she sang with great emotion.

On Monday, paralympic basketball team GB player, Ade Orobemi wowed the school with his exceptional wheel chair basketball skills. Ade talked about the struggle he faced with his disability and how he overcame the challenges. He showed our pupils what hard work and determination can produce.

After the whole school assembly, Ade  held workshops with classes from KS 2. He showed the children a video of the final match between GB and USA at the Beijing Olympics where his team won a bronze medal. Children asked him more in depth questions about his game and his disability. Ade finished the day off with an interview with Oak Mag Radio Network.

Onochie ‘Larry; Achike, gave children at Oakington Manor Primary School an  exceptional motivational presentation on Tuesday morning (12th October) about ‘Goals and Dreams’ as part of the school’s Black History Month celebrations.  The school is using the Olympic and Paralympic values as their focus for the academic year in the run up to London 2012.

Larry talked to a packed assembly hall of pupils and staff about his dreams of becoming a world class Olympian and the hard work that got him there. His message to the children was that becoming a world and Olympic class athlete, wasn’t just about  jumping the longest distance  or running the fastest time. It was about education, making sure that homework was completed, studying hard, listening to teachers and being disciplined. All the skills needed to become a world class athlete. The children were amazed to see what Larry’s personal best triple jump of 17.30m  really looked like, using a long tape measure…WOW! Children asked Larry questions about his education, triple jumping and how old he was! They also asked him, how many medals he had amassed over the years, he said, “I have worked out that I have won over 100 medals altogether”.


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ICT Mark Award

Children at Oakington Manor  are at the forefront of using information and communications technology (ICT) to enhance their work, and that’s official!

Following an extensive external assessment Oakington has been awarded the prestigious ICT Mark for the second time.

The award recognises the school’s success in developing the strategic use of ICT in both administration and across the curriculum. Parents will have proof that their children are attending a school at the forefront of modern technology.

Stewart Smith, ICT Adviser said “ Brent School Improvement Service is determined
that all local children will have the best opportunity to excel in the jobs market of the future. Oakington Manor should be congratulated on this wonderful achievement. This demonstrates the excellent ICT management and teaching that is taking place in local schools.”

Head teacher Sylvia Libson commented “On behalf of Oakington Manor, I am delighted to be awarded the ICT Mark. It recognises our positive approach to ICT and the benefits it is bringing to our children. We believe that ICT can be used in every aspect of learning and that it is essential our children are equipped for the modern world.

We are very proud to include the mark on our website and our mailings and this has been noted on a number of occasions, which has further raised the profile of ICT at Oakington Manor School.  Our last OFSTED report, in 2010 positively acknowledged that ICT is an integral part of everything we do.”

The lead member of staff, Ophelia Vanderpuye (ICTAdvanced Skills Teacher), instrumental in ensuring the school was ready for ICT Mark assessment, commented:

“I am really pleased that the presentation of this award shows recognition of the excellent ICT work that is taking place at Oakington.  Applying for the award really brought into focus the ICT work that we are doing each and every day.  All the children and staff deserve credit for this achievement.”

Bernadette Brooks, Naace General Manager, said “Oakington thoroughly deserve the accolade of an ICT Mark accreditation. They clearly demonstrate how important it is to take a whole school approach to using ICT in schools.  We look forward to working with Oakington Manor to demonstrate how ICT can have a substantial impact on learner outcomes in the future”.

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Carnival 2011

After the raging success of last year’s carnival, the whole school is in the thro’s of the 2011 carnival on 1st July. The countdown has begun!

Every child and every member of staff have  been playing their part in preparing costumes etc. making sure that our 2011’s amazing Continent Carnival is a roaring Tim Davis screen printing demosuccess! Planning for the carnival started soon after the last one in 2010. Preparations started in ernest in May with the Tim Davis inset for staff on screen printing and ways to make structural costumes using willow. All staff were also inspired by Mrs Jesani’s inset on ways to make fantastic carnival costumes, masks and simple hats using scraps of material and a little imagination!

One week before the BIG DAY!!!!!!!!!! And there’s so many things to be organised. Mr Roy is preparing the big marquees on the field. How many do we need? And where is the best site? Last year we had problems with the food queues so we have placed the Making masksfood marquees at the far side of the field. He also wanted to know about the picnic area. We had to place this rectangle quite centrally on the field so that there is room to march around it for our fantastic parade. Each class is busy painting, sticking and glittering!!!!!! Masks, costumes and willow sculptures are in the final stages of preparation. Fun! Fun! Fun!

WIllow scupture head dressFriday 24th June

Marquees are now in place so we need to start thinking about the placement of the central parade area/ picnic area. There’s a large tree root which needs to be dug out so that no one trips over it. Mr Fletch will be working hard to remove the stump over the weekend.

Children and staff are working on their Carnival displays in each year group. This year’s theme is ‘Continents’. The Nursery are working on Antarctica/ Artic with ice snow, polar bears and fish in black and white.

Reception has Australasia and are working on their Aboriginal Art T-shirt and hat designs. Year One are covering China dressed in sequinned red T-shirts and hats.

Year 2 costume fittingAnd lastly in Key Stage 1 Year Two are thinking about Grimms Tales and are creating purple and pink wings, hats and costumes.

Ms Birch has begun the request for help with the evenings world feast!! Parents and Staff are being approached about their contributions to the menu. A BIG thank you to all who support this venture!!

What a sensational end to this weeks preparations!

Mrs Griffiths

Monday 27th

Stilt Walker in last year's costume

I have been in touch with the company ‘Sticks and Stones’ for the last time today. We are planning to have another stilt walker at the front of the parade on Friday to lead the school around the field. His dress is a surprise for the day!

Have you noticed the advertisements for the Carnival on bill boards in the gardens of friends and parents of the school. Hopefully these will encourage the community to participate in the Carnival fun!

We need to start hunting for the bunting to be hung at the entrance of the school and around the field.

It is so exciting when all the planning is in it’s final week!!! I hope the Carnival is in your diary too!!

Tuesday 28th
Rain, rain, go away!  Come again … after Friday Carnival pleeeease!
Rain or shine the Carnival will take place this Friday, 1st July.  We have made plans if it’s wet to be inside the 2 halls and sports hall.  I’m an optimist and am still planning for the Carnival to be out doors!!!!!!
Mr Cordiero Gilson has been taking a dancing workshop all week with Year 3, 4 and 5.  Last night the teachers

Mr Coediero Gilson preparing year 3 for carnival

were swinging away at their dance inset in preparation for Friday’s extravaganza!!!!!  He will be joining in the rehearsal dance parade tomorrow afternoon.

Today we have finally prepared our school letter to remind our community of the event which starts from 2pm.  The firework sound show will be taking place around 6.30pm.  If you can support the event by cooking a dish to share please either send it into school in the morning via your child’s class teacher or bring it along to the marquees in the afternoon.


The sun was shining!!!

Today was the parade rehearsal. Unfortunately Mr Roy was unable to open the all weather pitch so it was decided that we should parade from the back of the pitch instead of the front. Mrs Singh and Mrs Obi were able

Parade rehearsal

to direct everyone into their lining up places.

This took a little longer than last year because there is only a small entrance into the pitch.

The Nursery practiced walking with their sari which kept all the little ones in their places. They took longer than everyone else so they started walking around the parade first. All the classes filed out onto the field and sat in their designated places.

It took half an hour to parade out on to the field and another twenty minutes to empty the field.

3 cheers were given to celebrate our rehearsal!!!! Ms Birch reminded everyone to remember to bring in dishes of food to share at the Carnival.

Well done everyone!

Thursday 30th

The the sun is shining, grass is green, the bunting is fluttering and the fence now has a saree rainbow!!!!!

Today many adults spent the day decorating the field, marquees and front entrance to the school!!

There are a few more last minute jobs to complete tomorrow – stitch here, a stitch there. But we can’t wait for Mr Francis to bring out the musical equipment tomorrow to give some sound effects to the event!!!

Don’t forget to bring your delicious dishes tomorrow!!

We are looking forward to seeing you here!!!!


What a fantastic day!!

Thank you to all the children who produced such fantastic hats, T-shirts, skirts, willow sculptures and models. You are awesome!!

Thank you to all the parents and staff who have given of their own time to help create our amazing Carnival this year!! Bringing delicious foods from around the world!! Helping on the stalls!! Bringing the entertainment onto the stage!!

A big thank you to the site staff who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes – Cyril, Fletch, Ben, Roy and their gang!!


Mrs Griffiths

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