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Farewell Ms Vanderpuye

Today, we sadly said goodbye to Ms Vanderpuye after nearly 26 years at Oakington.

Ms V as she was affectionately called by all pupils and staff, decided to take early retirement and at a party held in her honour, she remembered the journey Oakington had made to reach its outstanding status in ICT and Computing.

In the days long before USB pendrives and terabytes of storage space, Ms Vanderpuye reminded her guests of what had gone before.

Her interest in computers started as a 15 year old, it blossomed as she got older. One of her first computers was one of the first solar powered calculators which she  still has at home –it has seen better days but still works when she tested it last week, after more than 30years. Some people may not have heard of some the first computers Ms V had owned such as Sinclair’s ZX80, ZX81, Dragon 64, BBC B, BBC Master with PC emulator MS Dos, Acorn computer with RISC OS, before moving onto a Windows 3.1 PC.  All of this was even before the Internet as we know it now.

Ms Vanderpuye thanked the Governors, the SLT and staff and pupils for allowing her the opportunity to pass on some of her passion. Ms V gave a personal thank you to  Mrs Libson for all her love and support she had given her for more than 30 years since they had known each other. She thanked her two network managers, Andrew and Gaddi, without whom ICT & Computing would not be as ‘Outstanding’ as it is.

Ms Vanderpuye said that the highlight of her evening was the fact that so many ex-teachers of Oakington came back to celebrate with her.  There was also a very beautiful performance from one of Ms V’s favourite robots, Bluey with messages from twins RedCandy and RedCurrant too.

Staff and pupils will miss very much Ms Vanderpuye’s enthusiasm and her love for all things ICT and computing. CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK, MS V!



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Brent Choir of the Year 2015- Oakington Manor Mass Choir

Oakington Manor Mass choir, an amalgamation of our school and gospel choir sang their hearts out to produce a qualifying entry to the finals with a wonderful rendition of Sing with Joy. Out of over thirty choirs entered in Brent, Oakington Manor have been recognised as a worthy selection to the prestigious finals held at the Brent Civic Centre on 11th July 2015.

We selected the hit ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley to be our entry for the competition. Our lyrics were re-arranged, three part harmonies designated and a backing track flavoured with a mix of reggae, gospel and calypso by Mr Edward Francis, Director of Music and Drama at Oakington Manor, School.
We felt nervous as we were lining up for our final warm up but it was more excitement than anything else as we had practised hard to achieve our place in the finals and were confident of our parts.
There was some disappointment when we realised we had not won as we knew we had tried our best but Mr Francis assured us that  we had done everything he wanted us to do and that our time would come. When you listen to our performance, you’ll see why there was rapturous applause and cheering at the end. We were magnificent!
Oakington Manor Mass Choir were awarded a Platinum Award for their rendition.
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Music Concert 2012

….well, it was great!
The concert was well attended by people from our community; Residents from Willows Rest home, people in our community, parents, friends of staff, as well as most of the staff at Oakington and staff from Stonebridge and Chalkhill. 
Every item was a highlight. From the opening recital of parent, Ramesh Vudathu playing soothing Classical Indian Music on a wooden flute, the melodious strains of the violin from Ilai Avni to the first ever performance of Collaborate! Oakington Manor’s eight-piece Rock Band who compare to any rock band on the music circuit!
For me, seeing the children from Stonebridge, Chalkhill and Oakington Manor lift the roof off to a superb rendition of “Aint no stopping us now” as the final item was awe-inspiring and received a standing ovation.
Why not add Oakington Manor School to your regular web browsing sessions? In this way, you’ll be able to see when we have events in the future.
Come again and be inspired! 

Edward Francis
Director of Music and Drama.

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